All About Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are olive green to greenish in color and are marked by a series of blotches forming jagged horizontal stripes along both of it's sides,

Adult largemouth bass feed on fish, crayfish and frogs. Young largemouth bass will feed on crustaceans, insects, and small fish. 

Common size for largemouth bass is 15.7 inches and the largest reported was 38.2 inches long.

Largemouth bass spawn in the spring.

Interesting Facts

Largemouth are a part of the sunfish family – Centrarchid – which means “nest builders”

Largemouth bass can swim as fast as 3 body lengths per second in bursts.

Largemouth Bass can see well and in color. They cannot see straight down or backwards.

Largemouth bass are the state fish of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

Bass use their lateral lines to “hear” or detect sounds and vibrations from up to 100 feet away. Bass can only see for about 50 feet 

The largest largemouth bass ever caught weighed 22.311 pounds and was caught using a live bluegill.

Largemouth bass do not grow new scales. The scales get larger with age and produce growth rings.

An average female largemouth bass will lay about 8000 eggs per year. From those eggs only 5-10 will survive to be 10 inches or longer.


Largemouth Bass can be found in ponds, lakes, swamps, creeks and rivers. They prefer a bottom with firm sand, mud or gravel for spawning. You can find Largemouth bass in undercover vegetation, submerged logs and trees as well as large rocks.

Fallen trees and logs make great habitat for bass.

Largemouth bass love hiding in vegetation waiting to pounce on pray.

Top Artificial Baits for Largemouth Bass

Worms are a natural bait for Largemouth bass and feel natural to them as well making them hold on longer. Definitely a top lure and they can be used in different rigs. 

Jigs are very good for catching Largemouth Bass. Always use your jig with a trailer. This lure can help you get into hard areas and can be fished many ways. A must have for any bass fisherman.

Swimbaits are very effective when fishing for bass. A must have in every bass anglers tackle box.

Crank baits are also a very effective lure to have in the box for Largemouth Bass. Using different speeds and actions bass love them.

Spinner baits are also something everyone who goes after bass should have in the box. The flash and the action can attract bass from far away.

Click on any rig below to see an illustration. 

Top Live Baits for Largemouth Bass

Live bait can be very effective when fishing for Largemouth Bass. Make sure to always check your states regulations regarding live bait.

Bass love crayfish and many times you are allowed to catch them in the local streams and lake and use them.

Hellgrammites make excellent bass bait and last a long time. Be carful of the pinchers when handling.

Minnows and small sunfish can make excellent bait when fishing for largemouth bass.

Just about every fish loves a tasty worm and bass are no different. 

Fish Fast N Easy bubble filled with water

Grab a bubble and troll your bait with the current and wind. Fill for different depths or use as a float.

Top Flies for Largemouth Bass

Watching your fly get hit by a Largemouth bass is very exciting and never gets old.

Probably the best Fly for bass. Poppers are fun to fish with and bass love them.

Top water frogs are also a good fly to use when fishing for largemouth

Deer hair mice with rubber legs are a good fun fly.

Woolly Buggers are excellent for Bass as they mimic minnows, leaches and underwater food.

Crayfish  can be a solid choice for Largemouth bass.

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