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All You Need To Know About Alum Creek Lake

Among thousands of water reservoirs in the state of Ohio, there are many which are worthy of visiting. If you want to catch fish of different species, then these reservoirs and lakes deliver the perfect chances to experience a joyful fishing trip and cook a delicious supper for yourself. These places are perfect for people of all ages as there is not only fishing, but many other activities, which make them ideal for entertaining visitors. Among them all, one of the best spots for fishing is Alum Creek Lake. Located in central Ohio, this lake offers many ways of recreation such as fishing, camping, hunting, and others. 

Alum Creek Lake is constructed in the early 1970s. This lake is of 3,269 acres with more than 68 miles of shoreline. It is in Delaware County which is seven miles north from the Columbus. The depth of the lake is approximately 60 feet near the dam area, and much of the water depth is from 20 to 40 feet. Take a look at our Alum Creek Lake fishing map at the top of the page for a detailed look (Area Guide). This lake is actually a part of Alum Creek State Park and is considered a boater’s paradise.

Fish Species Found In Alum Creek Lake:

smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass



White Bass

White Bass

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish

northern pike


The most exciting thing which brings anglers here is the smallmouth Bass as it is found here in abundance. Many other species are of great attraction for the visitors who come to this calm place for fishing activity. Generally largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, muskie, and saugeye are the target of most of the anglers. Furthermore, the lake is a habitat for several other species too such as crappie, bluegill, catfish, and white bass. Anglers prefer spinning baits and crank baits for largemouth bass. Other fish can be caught by using different baits depending on the suitability such as jig and pigs, plastic worms, and jigging spoons. 

Alum Creek Lake offers plenty of great habitat for smallmouth bass

Around the bank of Alum Creek Lake, most of the area is covered with forage which limits the access to the shoreline. Only a few areas have access points due to rocks, timber, and bluffs that provide a good cover to fish. Alum Creek Lake crappies are hard to find, but you can try your luck along the east bank and in the wood. Catfish can be found around Big Run Cove. This fish comes in shallow water during evening and nights. Anglers find the muskies in the lower basin between dam and Cheshire Road causeway. When we talk about bluegills, these are not numerous here, but you can find them in the area near shallow vegetation. 

The only chance of fishing left other than the bank is water fishing. Several boat ramps are situated around the lake, so you do not need to worry about it. Sailboats, bass boats, pontoons, and other boats are available for all sorts of pleasure. Canoes and kayaks can also be launched from different positions. Alum Creek Lake boats provide the best entertainment opportunity for kids as well as adults to have fun in their own way. 

If you are planning to go for Alum Creek fishing, you need to be aware that the fishing license is a basic need. The license is issued by the ODNR-Division of Wildlife, Ohio and the licensing requirement varies for residents and non-residents. Visit the Ohio fishing license page for more information and to purchase your license.

Alum Creek Lake Lodging:

Alum Creek Campground

The best part of Alum Creek Lake is the availability of the cabins inside the park. That means you do not need to go somewhere else and get more time to explore the natural beauty. Check out the area guide on the top for camping and cabin reservation numbers. But if you do not want to stay in cabins, you have the hotel option as well. Here are our three top picks for hotels in the area with high customer reviews.

Staybridge Suites

Residence Inn Marriott

Candlewood Suites

Other Attractions:


As Alum Creek Lake is a part of State park spread on several thousand acres, you can find a number of activities here which are equally delightful for kids, youngsters, and adults. Along with fishing, boating is another popular activity here (full services are available for boats of your choice). Alum Creek boat rentals give the visitors many options. 

Lake Amenities

If you just want to sit and witness the beautiful scenes around you, grills, restrooms, and tables provide the ideal way to do so. Another fascinating attraction for people here is swimming. Alum Creek State Park has 3000 foot inland beach which is the largest in Ohio's state park system. Though the swimming is permitted in designated areas only, the facilities provided are amazing. It encompasses a shower house, beach vendors, and courts for playing volleyball and a dog park. Disc golf is another area for fun where you can get equipment on rent and there is no fee charged for playing. 

One of the most adventurous and daring activity is hiking. Various hiking trails act as a great attraction for daring people. The trails are of different levels so if you are a beginner, you can hike on the easy trail and if you are a pro, then the difficult trail should provide you with just the challenge that you are looking for.  

The park has designated hunting areas. The northern part of the park is great for hunting deer and squirrels. The southern part is known for rabbit hunting. A valid license is a mandatory requirement for this activity. You can enjoy the park in all seasons, including winter. It provides a full fun package for its winter visitors. In the cold weather, there are opportunities for ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling on the trail, skiing on the multi-purpose trail, ice boating, and ice fishing.

Alum Creek Lake offers a variety of experiences with the wonderful opportunities that attract everyone. Several species of fish can be caught here, which could be your next finger-licking dinner! Water fishing and bank fishing are available, and with the option of different boat rentals cater services to the visitors, helps to make their experience memorable. Due to the natural environment, Alum Creek Lake has many picturesque views from appealing lake water to swimming, hiking to camping, and hunting. That many fun opportunities at a single place deliver an excellent experience and wonderful vacation. 

Whether you visit the lake alone or with friends or family, the time you spend here will be full of fun and unforgettable experience. If you are fond of fishing and also like to enjoy in other ways, then Alum Creek Lake is the best place for you as it will never disappoint you.

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