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Castaic Lake was established to provide water storage during a shutdown of the California Aqueduct to the north in times of urgent need - which helped to ensure water supply to the users in the town of West Branch. It also provides water storage during normal operations and recreational opportunities for Southern California.

Castaic Lake is one of the most serene and beautiful reservoirs in the region, which provides a supply of fresh water to the locals. It is one of the most popular areas to fish as it possesses over 29 miles of shoreline, along with the 425 foot tall Castaic Dam. The lake provides trophy-sized bass, trout, and catfish as the upper area of the lake is ideal for fishing. Castaic Lake has one of the region’s biggest parks.  Spread over 9000 acres, it's a go-to spot for fishing and other outdoor activities such as boating, kayaking, and other water sports. Castaic Lake hosts some great fishing events like, night float tube fishing, moonlight fishing, moonlight kayaking and Movies at the Lake. These activities make Castaic Lake one of the most interesting spots for families, anglers, kids, and all the people who love nature. 

Castaic Lake provides something for everyone. No matter what the purpose of visiting is - be it a relaxing vacation, fishing, entertainment or kids, the lake has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment - and some great bountiful fish. The lake is accessed from Castaic Lake Drive and Hughes Road. Eastside offers a launch ramp on the lake and supports non-gasoline powered boats. When it comes to recreational opportunities, Castaic Lake is second to none. Visitors can enjoy not only fishing, but a lot of other activities which not only attract anglers, but other people as well who are looking for a peaceful and fun-filled vacation. Grassy picnic areas, boat ramps, and water sports make Castaic Lake an eye-catching destination. Summertime is best for swimming, with lifeguards on duty to facilitate the tourists. Visitors who want to gain more information about the Lake and its surroundings can access the California Department of Water Resources Public Affairs Office.

Fishing Species

Castaic Dam area of the lake, allows shallow fishing with catfish being the best catch. Winds on the upper lake transfer and concentrate nutrients towards the dam, where fish forage for food. 

Some of the best striped/largemouth bass, rainbow trout, bluegill, channel catfish, sunfish, crappie and bullhead are found at Castaic Lake, but the quantity of fish that can be caught in a day is regulated for some species. Rainbow trout are usually found near the deep waters. March is the best month if you are looking for a trophy fish. Eastside offers shore fishing if anglers are not looking to go deep in the lake. Another attraction of Castaic Lake fishing is Catfish Night Fishing. Government Cove, the waters off Sharon's Rest, Suicide Point, and around C-Point are the best points for anglers to fish. Stripers are often caught at or near Kong Island, C-Point and Elizabeth Canyon. The best months for fishing at Castaic Lake are April and May, when some of the largest trophy-size bass can be found. 


Castaic Lake has a couple of bodies of water, the upper and the lower lake. The lower lake supports non-power boating and canoeing, while the upper lake supports boating and other water activities. 

The lake is nearby Los Angeles, so it attracts a lot of tourists. If boat lovers intend to bring their own watercraft, they are assigned personal space, which includes the water-skiers and wakeboarders.  Boaters coming into the lake can explore acres of waterways which are accessible on the upper lake. A good-sized area is allocated for personal watercraft. 

The rental boats offered on the lake are 14-foot aluminum craft with small outboard motors. Personal watercraft, waterskiing, wakeboarding, pleasure cruising, patio boats, fishing boats, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and paddle boards are some great options that visitors can expect to find. Visitors looking for some real boating fun can hire rentals and explore the lake their way. Non-powered boating is available here which are mostly self-paddle or electric to maintain the cleanliness of the lake. Not only boating, jet-skiing and water skiing at the lake are also some of the popular activities. Swimming is also an activity to look forward to, but it's only allowed on a few designated beaches.


Lodging is mostly found in neighboring areas when visiting Castaic Lake. Some of the best hotels with all the amenities are available in the mountainous areas of Castaic Lake. Custom cabin rentals, motels, hotels, and some of the best campsites are available. 

Castaic Lake has around 60 campsites, mostly below the main lake. RV or trailers are intended for most of the sites, and some of them are designed for tents. To add to the lodging options, National Forest campgrounds are also available in the area. A big RV park, Castaic Lake RV Park, is outside the recreation area at Castaic Lake with amazing facilities for visitors.

Outside Activities

Castaic Lake has a huge park with 9000 acres of land, which includes a lot of outside activities ideal for a family vacation. Recreational parks have a lot to offer in terms of outside attractions which make the lake even more popular for tourists. 

Movies at the lake, night float tube fishing, moonlight fishing, mountain biking, swimming in some areas, horseback riding, hiking, equestrian trails, bird walks for kids and nature lovers, rock climbing, Six Flags Magic Mountain and museums are some of the many attractions for the visitors at Castaic Lake, California. 

Looking for great fishing, camping and natural beauty in the heart of California with access to its major tourist attractions? Then seriously consider Castaic Lake and its environs. 

Hold everything and plan your trip to this beautiful lake in California!








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