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Clear Lake is popularly known as the Bass Capital of the West Coast. It is the state’s largest naturally-built freshwater lake north of San Francisco, with an area of 68 square miles. The lake sediments suggest that Clear Lake is about 2,500,000 years old, and was divided to form what is known as Blue Lakes now. This happened due to the volcanic eruptions and landslides changing the landscape dynamics.

In winters the water temperature goes down to 39F, while in summers, it can go as high as 75F. Clear Lake’s warm water and extended area measuring about 19 miles x 8 miles at its widest point, makes it a famous water sports place, with activities such as fishing, swimming, paddle boating, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, water skiing, sailing, boat races and many more.

There are about 11 public boat launch ramps built across the Lake where individuals can rent boats, other water vehicles, and fishing equipment from the stores and facilities built on the coastline. 

Clear Lake Fish Species and Fishing

Clear Lake houses a large population of bass, carp, crappie, rainbow trout, bluegill and catfish. Ranked as the Best Bass Lake across the West Coast by Bassmaster Magazine, Clear Lake contains bass as approximately 1/3 of the total fish population. Fish caught here are mostly Largemouth Bass weighing up to 17.52 pounds.

Along with that, it houses various wildlife species like raccoons, wild turkey, skunks, mink, otter, muskrat, bears, mountain lions, deer and various bird species such as: bald eagles, pelicans, osprey, ducks, egrets, geese, mallards, coots, plovers, blue herons, mergansers, grebes and many others. There are also various amphibians and reptiles such as: California king snake, northern Pacific rattlesnake, northwestern pond turtle, garter snakes, bullfrog, giant salamander, gopher snakes, and various others.

Clear Lake is often touted as the Best Bass Fishing Lake in the West. The warm, shallow waters serve as excellent habitat for bass. Clear Lake also supports crappie, bluegill, and catfish. Additionally, Clear Lake hosts brown bullhead, black/white crappie, channel/white catfish, Florida stain, largemouth bass and carp.

Due to the growth of tule near the creek and shoreline, the water acts as a perfect habitat for bass. The rivers and streams joining the lake have good populations of rainbow trout, California roach, steelhead, Pacific lamprey and Sacramento pikeminnow.

 Amenities at Clear Lake, California

Anglers from all around the country head towards the Clear Lake due to its deep, warm, and easy water access. Around 11 public boat launch ramps are present around the area. Anglers can buy and rent fishing equipment and bait from tackle and bait shops situated across the coast. 

The extensive area on which Clear Lake is spread out makes it a perfect spot for water enthusiasts and their water adventures, including: wakeboarding, tubing, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, sailing, paddle boating, and many others.

Anglers can rent water vehicles like patio boats, sail boats, motor, and non-motor fishing boats, party cruises, kayaks, paddle boats, canoes and many more.


Clear Lake’s beautiful scenery attracts the tourists and anglers and compels them to visit this great place at least once. Here, you can find extensive lodging options - from lavish and expensive resorts, to fully equipped lodges with modern technologies, offering an array of activities to keep you engaged and relaxed during your stay. Tourists on a short trip, or on a budget, can easily find budget-friendly options from motels, inns, lodges, and bed & breakfasts. 

To bring out the adventure within, thrill seekers can camp or use RV Parks for their stay to experience nature at its best.

Outside Attractions 

Apart from anglers, Clear Lake is a place to visit with families and friends. It offers various activities apart from fishing, which can keep your interest levels high. The following are some of the key attractions and activities which tourists can enjoy.

Explore the Water

Clear Lake is the perfect water getaway with extensive water recreation areas to enjoy, whether you bring your own water vehicles or rent them out. For great fishing and unforgettable experience, Clear Lake is a must visit.

Hike or Bike

Mendocino National Forest, Clear Lake State Park, and many others provide great cycling and hiking trails to explore the area.

Discover the Wildlife

The Cache Creek Natural Area is a habitat for exquisite species like the tule elk and bald eagles. You can go there with your families, including kids, to have this splendid experience.

Wildlife Safari

Sonoma Serengeti or Safari West houses more than 80 exotic wildlife species which you can experience in an open and breezy jeep. The tour is guided by experts who give you all the information you need regarding the Sonoma Serengeti and its exotic collection of wildlife

Historical Guided Tours

The Historic Ranch House and Anderson Marsh State Historic Park enclose 40 plus archaeological locations that help the tourist understand Clear Lake’s human history from the Pomo people to the European settlers.

Swim It Away

Because of its fresh water, Clear Lake is a great place to swim.  There are designated swimming areas. Mendocino National Forest has a man-made lake popularly known as Lake Pillsbury. For this man-made lake, visitors can take a hike and camp out in Mother Nature. It is surely a rejuvenating experience which helps to refresh and revive you.

Pear Festival

Originally held to showcase agriculture, the Kelseyville Pear Festival is now an annual event full of music, fun, and festivities. Thousands of people come to Lake County just to enjoy this festival. 








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