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Everything You Need To Know About Lake Pleasant

Arizona has many lakes and reservoirs which are an integral part of the state, making it one of the most scenic states in the Continental United States . The presence of several lakes, calm surroundings, and amazing sunrises and sunsets have an enchanting and restorative effect on all who visit the great lakes of Arizona. Every power boat owner's dream is to visit a place like Lake Pleasant, which is nestled just a few miles west of Anthem, a popular destination in the Phoenix area. This is absolutely one of the best places to find a variety of fish - from bass, catfish, tilapia. The 10,000-acre lake has 116-miles of shoreline that is ideal for both boat and shoreline fishing. The beautiful waters of Lake Pleasant are home to largemouth bass, and even more exciting than that is the white bass population. It is best to fish at dusk and dawn due to the weather conditions of the Sonoran Desert that change quite often. One of the earliest water resources in central Arizona is Lake Pleasant. In 1925 the farmers of the area collected money to build Lake Pleasant Dam, which after several decades, has developed into a large and amazing recreational area. 

Lake Pleasant Fishing Details:

This lake is remote, but provides various simple yet joyful recreational activities. This wonderful place is a paradise where you will find open spaces, and clean, glittering water; and the scenic, desert  environment adds adds more. The species found in this lake include: largemouth bass, white bass, catfish, and striped bass.

In late winter and early spring, giant bass move to the spawning flats, making it some of the best fishing, as you can find abundant fish in concentrated spots. The months of March, April, and May are when anglers catch an impressive number of bass in Lake Pleasant. The lake produces large-sized bass all year round.  In spring and summer, most anglers choose bait that is made from soft plastic or rigged worms. However, in summer, the baits that work effectively are heavy jigs, deep-running crankbaits, and Carolina rigs. During fall, the bass often return to the shallow water. Then, anglers mostly use spinner baits and crankbaits. 

During the spring season, white bass move to shallow water to spawn which provides a great chance for anglers to catch them. At the opening of fishing season, anglers move to productive fishing spots to catch a large number of fish. Bait that’s effective for catching white bass include shiny, silver-metallic lures - but usually, fish is caught on plastic shad, slabs, and live gizzard shad. Habitat that should be considered for finding fish are:  rock, boulders, stumps, logs, and channels. Bass fishing during fall creates a lot of excitement amongst anglers as chances for catching big numbers of bass maximizes.

Anglers consistently take home a large number of catfish from July to September, with large suckers, night crawlers, shrimp, and chicken liver. You can also try fishing in the areas of rip-rap and rocky shores during early summer and late spring. The effective bait at this peak fishing time will be cut bait, sunfish, shad gizzards, blood bait, large minnows, and shrimp. In spring, when fish migrate downstream and towards the main pool area, live gizzard shad should be chosen.  Anglers usually go for catfish via trotlining with live sunfish used as bait.

If you are interested in visiting this fishing spot in summer, spring or winter, it is mandatory to get a license if you are above 10 years of age.  It’s issued by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Various types of licenses are available for Arizona residents and non-residents.

Lake Pleasant offers many ways that enable you to enjoy fishing at this fascinating spot. There are a variety of fishing styles, but it’s really no big deal.  You can seek guidance for fishing techniques and styles through experienced guides who can help you out in making your fishing trip a triumph.

Lodgings and Amenities:

Lake Pleasant is a dream of every water enthusiast -  with boating, wakeboarding, and kayaking, being popular activities here. There are two boat launching ramps. Sailboats, bass boats, pontoons, and other boats are available for all sorts of adventures. Kayaks can also be launched from different positions. Lake Pleasant boat rentals are available, or you can bring your own watercraft.

Paved parking lots, toilets, and restrooms are the amenities provided here.

Several hotels and cabins are available to behold the nice views of Lake Pleasant. The calm weather, appealing surroundings, bird songs, and nature are all enough to attract the attention of visitors. It is the perfect place for kids as well as adults.

Other Attractions:

Lake Pleasant regional park offers a campground with 148 campsites.  So, it's a must-visit place for camping lovers. You can enjoy BBQing,  sitting at the picnic table and relishing the beauty of the surroundings. 

For hikers, there are four trails. A four-mile trail in Lake Pleasant Regional Park is moderate in difficulty - so, beginners will have it easy. A half mile Discovery Center Trail which connects the Roadrunner Campground to the Discovery Center, offers an excellent opportunity for  hikers to enjoy the desert vistas. Pipeline Canyon Trail is in the regional park. A scenic, 1.5-mile trail, “Roadrunner Trail”, is another great attraction for visitors.

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