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Scottish explorer Alexander McLeod discovered the McLeod River in 1930. This 77 mi. long river is situated in Siskiyou and Shasta Counties in Northern California. The river flows parallel to the Sacramento River towards the east, then joins the Pit River.   Eventually, it converges with the Sacramento River. These rivers then empty into Shasta Lake, which is created by the Shasta Dam, near Redding.

The river is divided into upper and lower segments.  One stretch is divided by the McCloud Reservoir. The stretch above the McCloud Reservoir is considered the Upper McCloud, and the river flowing below it is known as the Lower McCloud. Most waterfalls are on the Upper McCloud River, a perfect spot for Kayakers. It is seldom stocked and catching a fish is a challenge for the most avid anglers. However, Lower McCloud is heavily stocked and open for bait/lure fishing. 

River McCloud, situated in Siskiyou County, has a rich history. It was well-known for its timber industry, which completely collapsed in 2002. The property owners in the area started renovating their properties and offered them as vacation rentals. The serene beauty and glorious mountain landscapes make it an amazing spot for fishing, as well as vacationing. The Upper McCloud and its adjoining streams house native species of rainbow trout known as, the Mccloud River redband, brown trout, salmon, steelhead, caddis, and many others.

The climate at the McCloud is mostly sunny,  and temperatures can reach as high as 87 °F. The region has a warm and dry summer, which is classified as a Mediterranean Climate. The river water is usually clear and cool.

This fishers paradise is nestled at the slopes of Mount Shasta, and offers the tourist a perfect getaway from their mundane routines.  Ample accommodation options are available,  from luxurious lodges, to homes away from home, RV Parks and Camping grounds, various eateries, adventurous outdoor activities, and much much more.

Fish Species and Fishing 

Fly fishing is a popular sport at the McCloud River from shores, rafts, kayaks, and boats. Anglers can find various types of trout and other fish in the Upper & Lower McCloud, such as: rainbow trout, known as, McCloud River redband, brown trout, salmon, steelhead, caddis, and many others.

Early spring from March-June is the opening of fishing season at McCloud River, and the best time to try your luck. However, the period between October-November is best for caddie. 


Anglers can buy or rent fishing rods, buy bait from shops in the historic district, as well as rent boats, kayaks, canoes or paddle boats. 

Anglers can enjoy other water activities instead of fishing . Water Activities available are: boating, wading, paddle boating, kayaking, and canoeing.  All of these activities make time spent at River McCloud absolutely memorable.



Anglers are provided with various accommodation choices ranging from hotels, motels, B&Bs, lodges, inns, retreats & resorts, RV parks, to vacation rentals located at the McCloud Historic District.  They are all easily accessible from the McCloud River. Rentals are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities to make your vacation relaxing and stress-free.

Camping at the McCloud is also available.  It’s close to nature, yet filled with modern facilities. All in all, the lodging facilities make the McCloud River an epic experience that one would never want to miss.

Various eateries are here, ranging from local delicacies to casual café food.  Everything is available to cater to all tastes and palettes. 

Outside Attractions 

The McCloud is a majestic destination where you can experience all four seasons in their true colors. From summer activities, including: water activities, cycling, rock climbing, hiking and golfing, to winter recreational activities, including: skiing, sledding, snowboarding & snowmobiling.  The whole experience is one that fills your vacation to the brim with family excitement and fun.


Aside from that, this destination is home to some amazing trails, star gazing experiences, wildlife exploration, and some amazing scenic views.

Summer Activities

Golf: McCloud Golf Course and Mount Shasta Resort have some of the best golf courses in this region.

Hike: McCloud River Falls, Squaw Valley Creek, and Pacific Crest Trails are some of the best trails for hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers who want to explore the beauty of this area on foot.

Rock Climbing: Clear and Brewer Creek trailheads provide access and opportunities for rock climbers. 

Rafting: River Rafting can’t get better than this! Experience it on the waters of various rivers, including: Upper McCloud, Lower McCloud, River Dancers, Klamath and many more.

Spelunking: Explore McCloud’s spectacular lava tubes and ice caves. Guided Tours are also available, and can be booked easily.

Wildlife Viewing: Experience exotic wildlife at River McCloud by taking Highway 89 to Mount Lassen. Other wildlife viewing spots are the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Medicine Lake Highlands and Lava Beds National Monument.

Shopping: Discover historical architecture at Downtown McCLoud, where shops have classic, old-school design. Unique and antique pieces are easily found at the Downtown Market, which makes great souvenirs and keepsakes.

Winter Sports

You can find various winter activities during the winter season. A visit to the winter wonderland that awaits the tourist at Mount Shasta Ski Park is a must visit. Affordable prices and exciting adventures make it a must-visit site in winter. Other activities include: sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. With this exciting variety of activities, Mount Shasta brings excitement and fun to any outing.








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