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During the early 20th century, Santa Monica Pier faced sewerage disposal problem as a result of which it was decided that a 1600 ft. long Pier would be built to cover the sewage pipes. It was later joined with another Pier extending its total length to 2000 feet. Instantly it became a fishing haven amongst the anglers who came from far and beyond to fish at the Pier. It was well equipped for shore fishing where multi-level balconies for fishing were provided along with clean and hygienic restrooms, clean tables & benches. Women, men and kids whether rich or poor enjoyed fishing due to ample supply and the simple pleasure of throwing a line and catching various types like Pacific Mackerel, White Croaker, Sea Perch, Queen Fish, Guitar Fish, and the Black Sea Bass. 

During World War II in the 1940’s, the US Navy took control of all the US Harbors including the Santa Monica Pier displacing the commercial fishing operations there. All the fish caught were dumped in a truck and sent to feed the US army. Due to heavy fishing, the fish supply became limited and the city started refusing the deliveries and the fish captains started revolting by dumping dead caught fish in the water to pollute it. Santa Monica faced many ups and downs but during the 1980s the city was hit by extreme storms completely destroying about one third of the Pier. After this, the Pier mostly saw successful recovery like the government used new and improved technologies to make a new concrete pilings for the Pier along with concrete  fishing decks on the west side and wooden decks all over Santa Monica. An amusement park was also made to attract local and tourists.

Now Santa Monica Pier has something for everyone; be it fishing, entertainment or just a serene scenic getaway. The climate here is moderate and hot during the summers along with cool breezes on the seashores.

Fish Species and Fishing at Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier offers anglers the opportunity to fish for a varied catch. The west end is most popular amongst anglers because of the fish supply and variety present there. The concrete fishing deck has many levels and whether you are an amateur or an expert, you can easily secure the best spot to satisfy your fishing needs.  Anglers do not need a license to fish from the deck, but if you want to do surf fishing from the beach or go deep in the water, then a license would be required. 

White Sea Bass, Perch, Leopard and Tiger Sharks, Mackerel, Crabs and Stingrays are the most common catch for anglers. An endangered species, the Black Sea Bass, however, has to be thrown back or given to the Heal the Bay Aquarium. Barracuda, yellowtail or even white seabass are also caught by the expert fishermen towards the end of the pier and in the deep water.

Amenities at Santa Monica Pier, California

Poles and other fishing equipment can easily be rented from the shops nearby. Anglers can easily rent out Flat Boats, Sail Boats, Motor Boats, Paddle Boats, Jet Boats, Fishing Charters or Party Cruises here. 

Lodging & Eateries at Santa Monica Pier, California

Santa Monica has all the convenient options for accommodation as well as various eateries to suit every taste palette..


When visiting Santa Monica Pier, you can book your perfect home away from home online or otherwise. Santa Monica Pier offers convenient accommodation opportunities furnished with modern essentials of life. Tourist can book hotels offering luxury stay and extravagance or stay as per their appointed budget at motels, inns or cottages. Room, apartment, or house rentals for an extended stay are also available.


The Pier offers from fine, sit down restaurants to on the go meals and all the snacks in between. Very close to the pier is the entire city of Santa Monica with any type of food you could want

Outside Attractions at Santa Monica Pier, California

Whether you are here to fish or seek adventure, Santa Monica Pier has various attractions and activities to keep everyone engaged. The opportunities include an array of activities like sunbathing at the beaches, beach combing, volleyball, visit Pacific Park, Video Arcades, Pier Aquarium, and Historical Sites. It is a safe community hence easier for the tourist to explore on foot or a bike.

Visit to Pacific Park, Historic Carousel and Video Arcade

Tourist can visit the famous Pacific Park on the West Coast of the Pier, full of amusement with their solar-powered Ferris wheel, 55 ft. rollercoaster, and much more. The Iconic Santa Monica Pier Carousel is yet another major attraction as it is one of the few original structures remaining at Santa Monica Pier. Crazy Photo booths and above 200 video games can be seen at the Santa Monica Playland.

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

With more than 200 aquatic species, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is the best place for marine lovers. It is part of the “Heal the Bay” initiative to educate people and create awareness to save marine life.

Historical Tours

For new visitors, you will find this place to have several historical tours that you can book if you plan a trip here. Travel guides can take you on walking tours and reveal to you a story about every nook and corner of the Pier.

Pier Exploration via Bike Rides and Walks

Rich topography and amazing moderate climate make Santa Monica Pier best place to explore the city on foot or bike. Various Trails and Beach sides are available with safe green bike lanes. Breeze Bike Share Program, makes it easier for the tourist to rent a motor or non-motor bike for exploring the city. Few amazing trails are Marvin Braude Beach Trail, Main Street, San Vicente Boulevard, Mandeville Canyon Road, Backbone Trail, Westridge – Canyonback Trail and many more

Concerts & Movies

Twilight concerts and outdoor music festival is full of youthful liveliness. This can be enjoyed on the Pier’s deck. They also feature movies for families and individuals.








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