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Kayak Bass Fishing


Kayak Bass Fishing

Kayak Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in a kayak is a unique experience. There is a learning curve to becoming a successful kayak fisher, but if you have the hardest part, fishing, down, learning how to kayak and fish at the same time will be a breeze.

Advantages of Kayak Fishing


Bass spook easily, and they have excellent eyesight. A bass can spot a five-inch fish from over a hundred feet away. Boat engines and people are loud. A kayak can take you away from the shoreline, and get you much closer to the fish than a roaring motorboat.

Maneuverability and Size

Kayaks are much smaller than motorboats, and they are easier to maneuver around fallen logs, algae patches, and other structures.


While a starter kayak starts at $500, kayak rentals run very cheap for two or three hours on the water. Kayak rental shops will often throw in a personal flotation device and advice on the best fishing spots for free.


Since kayaks are propelled by either a single paddle or foot pedals, they’re a much simpler and cheaper alternative to fishing on a rowboat or a motorboat.

Choosing a Fishing Kayak

It is better to choose a short, more maneuverable kayak over a longer, faster kayak. Speed isn't an important aspect of bass fishing. While it is possible for a kayak to tip over, they're much sturdier than they appear. Many anglers are able to cast their lines and reel in fish while standing in their kayaks. The larger the kayak, the harder it is to manuever.

When choosing a kayak, we recommend a sit-on-top kayak. Your legs are visible in these kayaks, and you're sitting on top of the kayak rather than inside it.

If you're a larger person, or if you plan to fish standing up in small ponds or streams, choose a wider, more stable kayak. Choose a narrower kayak if you plan to cover a large area of water. Narrower kayaks are also easier to paddle and more aerodynamic.

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