Top 10 Fishing Destinations in Indiana

This state is very popular for its natural lakes and rivers giving anglers plenty of choices to fish in its water. You’ll get to choose from some of the biggest man-made reservoirs in the Midwest.

Types of Catch Available


chinook salmon

Chinook Salmon

pink salmon

Pink Salmon

coho salmon

Coho Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

raindbow trout

Rainbow Trout

brown trout

Brown Trout

brook trout

Brook Trout

northern pike


Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

smallmouth bass

Smallmouth Bass

Striped Bass

White Bass

White Bass

spotted bass

Spotted Bass

yellow perch

Yellow Perch




bullhead catfish

Bullhead Catfish



Pumpkinseed Sunfish




State Fishing Records

Top 10 Fishing Spots Across Indiana

When it comes to selecting the fishing spot of your choice in this beautiful state, you’re spoiled for choices. There are 19 natural lakes in the state, and when you combine the artificial man-made reservoirs, the number exceeds to over 100. Such is the difficulty when it comes to selecting the appropriate destination, but we have upon careful review, compiled a list of ten amazing fishing destinations that won’t disappoint you, if Indiana is the state that you’ve chosen for your next fishing expedition. From running rivers to picturesque lakes to secret destinations, dive into an incredible experience of fishing in Indiana waters. With the right bait, enthusiasm, and spot, you might catch that big trophy you’ve always hoped for.

The Mighty Lake Michigan

The Mighty Lake Michigan

In the northwest of Indiana, is Lake Michigan, located near Gary, a town full of life and amazing adventure. This gigantic lake is among the greatest lakes in the United States, and is a great place for taking your family for a full-fledged vacation. You’ll get to have so many other recreational activities, with fishing being one of them, and topping the list. The Indiana Dunes Lakeshore lies 25 miles east of the town of Gary, and is a place worth spending some time on the dunes, bogs, prairies, and wetlands making up the area. Camping along the shores is one great option to explore the sight.

The highlight of the area is the well-structured fishing system laid down by the state authorities which they are absolutely proud of. If you aren’t looking to hire a municipal boat, then tag along with the regular fishing charters that pick up anglers for a great fishing stint.

You’ll find various types of fish at different times of the year with Coho Salmon readily available during the winter and fall months. Good numbers of Walleye are also available during this time, but you cannot compare the numbers with the almon.   From May till July, you can catch Chinook, brown trout and steelhead which grow into exceedingly high sizes during July – August. June to September are also good months for lake trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perches and some sunfish species.

Hobart’s Lake George Dam

Hobart’s Lake George Dam

You’ll find equal opportunities for both amateurs and professionals in Lake George due to the presence of campgrounds very close to one another making your fishing experience absolutely  epic. The dam is just a few minutes drive away from the town of Hobart, in Lake County. It’s an ideal place for anglers who are looking for a bit of fun and catching fish at the same time. The species present in Lake George waters are diverse and great in number. Apart from the well-known species of largemouth bass, bluegills, carp, and catfish, you’ll also encounter some unique fish species such as bowfin, bream, drum, and very rare green sunfish. Plenty of options are available when it comes to fishing methods, and you can opt for fly or spin -  but bait-chasing generally works best here.

Monroe Lake

Monroe Lake

Monroe Lake is a huge 10,000 plus acre reservoir covering Brown, and Monroe counties, and is a place well-served for fishing - and a bit of sun-bathing due to the  amazing beaches. Bluegill, crappie, large and smallmouth Bass, walleye, catfish and very rare hybrid stripers are found in Monroe Lake waters. Winters also give an ice fishing experience here.

Eel River

Eel River

The Eel river runs through North Manchester all the way southwest into Logansport where it meets the Wabash River.  It’s the kind of attraction that every visitor wishes to go again and again. We recommend you simply take a look at this unique area of varied  settings, once in their lifetime. The river mainly goes through farmland and wooded areas with thick vegetation at the edges. You can kayak your way through the water, and as soon as you reach the shore, you’ll have some of the most fantastic catch you’ve ever come across. Rock bass, channel catfish, Smallies and bluegills are in large numbers here and the deeper you go, the more chances you have of catching trophy sizes. Redhorse sucker is also recorded in the Eel waters, but their numbers are fairly small and require a bit of expertise to go downstream.

The State Park at Potato Creek

The State Park at Potato Creek

In North Central Indiana is the Potato Creek State Park, featuring beautiful Worster Lake that’s spread across  327-acres. The Lake waters are home to some of the most quality catfish, bass, and crappie. If you have plans to stay for the night, this place is just for you. There are quite a lot of camping sites that will ensure you get into a tent as soon as the sun goes down. Bass are mostly present in this area, and Texas-rigged chigger craws work best for them. The only point of concern during your stay at Potato Creek are winds that can become quite gusty.  Sometimes, boat navigation becomes a bit of a challenge. Make sure you are well prepared for this situation and have a boat with an exceedingly high-quality motor to withstand the gust.

Summit Lake State Park

Summit Lake State Park

In  East Central Indiana is the Summit Lake Park near the town of New Castle. The park is spread across 2680 acres,  featuring an amazing 800-acre lake, perfect for fishing and other recreational activities. You can get yourself a boat from any of the three boat ramps, and there are camp stations built around the lake for your overnight stay. Renting canoes, rowboats, and paddle boats are quite common here, but you need to keep your boat at idle-speed. Species of fish include good-sized bass in the hot weather excellent Yellow Perch beneath the ice.

Geist Reservoir

Geist Reservoir

Geist reservoir is located in northeast Indiana at a very easily accessible place near Crossroad City’s metropolitan area,  which has hotels and vacation rentals in case you aren’t planning to camp. Geist is thirty minutes away with two public boat launches. The hours after midnight and late in the afternoon are the best time to catch some decent sized Crappie and Carp.

Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake is well distributed among three nearby counties.  Namely: Crawford, Orange, and Dubois in South Indiana. The Patoka Lake in terms of size, is the second largest reservoir of Indiana, and home to some of the most decent-sized largemouth bass, striper, crappie, bluegill, catfish, and sunfish. The timber around the corners is well spread out to attract fish shoals, making it one of the most densely-populated lakes for largemouth bass and bluegill.

Winona Lake

Winona Lake

Bass fishing is what Lake Winona has to offer. Located just close to Kosciusko County, this beautiful scenic place is home to bass anglers who take home 5 to 6 pounders every day, on average. There are other recreational activities prevalent in the area making it quite busy and sometimes overfished in the fertile season, but bass are generally there all year round.   So, look for the less-crowded times of the year and you won't be disappointed!

Lake Maxinkuckee

Lake Maxinkuckee

Lake Maxinkuckee is spread across 1800 acres making it Indiana’s second-biggest natural lake and a ribbon-decorated ice fishing spot in winter months. Located close to the hamlet of Culver in the Southwestern part of Marshall County, the lake is home to some of the best perch fishing you’ll ever come across. Apart from perch, you’ll get walleyes, bluegills, white bass, crappies, and redear sunfish. The Lake’s marina and the boat launches add to the amazing values this place has to offer.


















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